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Health Care Spending Paper C Murphy HCS 440 December 19, 2011 Health Care Spending Paper Today, health care issues within the United States are still a major concern in regards to where people of our communities do not always agree with what is being done and what is not being done. The three major issues with health care spending is how much is it going to cost and where is the money going to come from? The amount of per-patient costs have doubled more in the United States than other nations around us. The last issue is the amount of Americans that has no health care at all. This paper will discuss the healthcare expenditures that is necessary for our entire population. It is no secret that costs have been on the constant rise…show more content…
Everyone deserves to have health care at an affordable rate. Although there are increases in health spending, most of them are not all that bad. Economists believe that it makes countries become wealthier and others say that all additional expenditures can be good investments. Another positive outlook on health care expenditures is that it can be a hassle from some but for others it is a means of income as well. The other factors that also contribute to health care costs are increased labor, resistance of consumers to managed care restrictions, the upcoming aging population as well. Regardless of the health care spending increases, there are ways to this situation. We can start with the government and how they can get rid of any programs that are not really needed and taking away time and money that can be used elsewhere. People need to be more aware of the things that they are engaging in and know what it is that they are getting and paying for. One of the cheapest ways to cut down on health care spending is if people change their lifestyles by eating healthier, exercising more daily, weekly or monthly than they were doing before and this could make the biggest impact for all of us. This will defiantly cut out unnecessary trips to the doctor or the hospital. Parents need to also educate their children to be healthier and watch what they eat and

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