Health Care Spending Paper

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Health Care Spending Paper Health Care Spending Paper Health Care Spending The national health care spending in the United States has been growing faster than the national economy for many years, yet many United States citizens are without sufficient health care. Not only is it representing a challenge not only for the government’s two major health insurance programs (Medicare and Medicaid), but with the private sector insurance also. As health care spending rises for the nation’s economic production in the future, United States citizen may/will be faced with difficult choices between health care and other priorities to their everyday living. Nevertheless, an assortment of data suggests that opportunities exist to limit health care…show more content…
In ten years, the estimated percentage of average total worker compensation that comes in the form of health insurance will be 26 percent” (FAQ about Health Care Reform). Whether the spending is too much or not enough Depending on how you look at health care spending is whether not if a person decides if it is too much or not enough. Looking at in the sense of the article from Forbes magazine, spending on health care is all based on the individual patient, family, and doctors. If an individual does not have good health the cost does not seem so high to them, because they are willing to pay for the procedure or services to be performed. In other case, individuals do not have the funds to help for these procedures or services and that is where Medicare and Medicaid should be able to help them. Instead of using all the extra help the individuals have with the extra funds that they use for materialistic objects and possessions (Whelan, 2011). According to an article in Business Insider, the Weisenthal (2009) website, “That's what James Delong at The American argues: In fact, the “we spend too much” argument makes little sense. There is no such thing as an amount that “should” be spent on healthcare; any more than there are pre-determined allocations that should go to housing, food, video games, or
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