Health Care Strategic Planning

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Environmental Analysis and Setting Strategic Goals HCS/589 – Healthcare Strategic Management Taylor Jackson Debra Sandberg October 27, 2014 Introduction Environmental analysis is important for a company. This allows for the company to look at external factors that will help them to succeed or fail. Environmental analysis could be internal as well as external. The internal analysis allows the company to look within and analyze the successes and see where improvement can and should be made. The external analysis looks at factors such as location, marketing, and surrounding areas to analyze if the these factors are what is best for the company. Implications of Environmental Analysis According to Arthur (2014), “When doing an…show more content…
Due to Kaiser providing their own health insurance allows for Kaiser to reach their patients on a higher level. Kaiser continues to strive to be the best health care provider available. Kaiser has reached out to the online community. Since patients lead busy lives they are able to keep up with their medical records through their online profile. This allows patients to view their own medical record online to see the changes that are being made to their health care plan. Kaiser is able to respond to the challenges set forth because they continue to evaluate what changes need to be made and how to make them successfully. The strategic plan allows for an overview of where the facility is currently standing. This allows for any changes that are made internally or externally to be evaluated at the time of the change instead of after the change has been made and it is too late. The strategic plan helps to have a faster response time because there is already plan in place so it is easier to see where the changes are made and how to correct them without the facility suffering. In the SWOT analysis the objectives are set forth for a new strategic plan. This will give Kaiser a three to five year goal to make necessary changes. By year three Kaiser is to lessen the employee turnover rate. By offering raises and incentives in six month increments will lessen the turnover rate of the company. Also offering to pay school tuition for a
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