Health Care System Advancing With Technology, Customer Service, And Quality Of Care

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In my opinion, I still see our health care system advancing with technology, customer service, and quality of care. There will be an outbreak in technology where doctors can transform the way they diagnose diseases and treat their patients. “By building a strong backbone of data in your company, you will reinforce your ability to innovate in line with the health care industry (Saxena, 2015).” We will still continue to find ways to reduce the expenses within our health care system. The elderly population is increasing and this will make the healthcare expenses skyrocket over the years. Medicare will still be at risk with their funding. I think the Affordable Care Act was not the solution that everyone was looking for. For instance, a large insurance company by the name of UnitedHealth Group revealed that they are projected to lose about 500 million dollars on exchange policies within the next year. Due to the large amount of loss that they had to endure, it may lead to them leaving the program in 2017 (Durden, 2015). Also, UnitedHealth Group is withdrawing from efforts to draw in more consumers for the upcoming year within insurance exchange programs that were established from the Affordable Care Act. United Health administrators stated that is was “higher risks and more difficulties” in marketing health insurance within the exchange programs and trying to find a way to make it more beneficial and profitable for the insurance companies. UnitedHealth Group is the first
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