Health Care System Evolution

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Health Care System Evolution
From the Medicare/Medicaid focus, I will attempt to break this down from the evolution of the old to the influence of the current or present systems. I would further consider the old concepts of supply and demand. Health care is no different. In early health care delivery, there was not much demand because there was not much known. In many instances, patients weren't as educated about healthcare and illnesses to know where to go to seek care. This is evident by the people using home remedies and other alternatives that prevented them from going to the doctor. Research was not available as much to the average patients or their families to educate them about the risk of not receiving treatment for certain
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Comprising an estimated 12 percent of the federal budget and more than one-fifth of total national health expenditures in 2010, Medicare is often a significant part of discussions about how to moderate the growth of both federal spending and health care spending in the U.S. With the dual challenges of providing increasingly expensive medical care to an aging population and keeping the program financially secure for the future, discussions about Medicare are likely to remain prominent on the nation’s agenda in the years ahead” (The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010). This has led to greater education of the public about the risks versus the benefits of not receiving care with certain health conditions. This has led to increase demand because more people go to doctors and clinics today than they did just 20-30 years ago. This research along with trial and error has brought about the evolution of the tools and supplies. There was more re-usable stuff in the old days versus today. Many supplies and tools are designed by the best technology has to offer and come pre-sterilized and pre-packaged. These tools and supplies are further design to be used and interchanged with certain machines and devices. These tools, supplies, machines, and devices cost
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