Health Care System

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Given the fact that the United states of America and Canada are linked together sharing a border which is open basically to and from both sides, their health care systems are highly different from each other and how the services are financed, organized and given to the citizens. In Canada, healthcare comes from the ‘Single payer system’ (Canadian health care system, 2013). Single payer is known to be quite normal in many other countries, for example, New Zealand. It is basically a publically funded system that is provided by the provincial governments through taxes with guidance and some funds from the federal government (Canadian health care system, 2013). This health system covers Canadian citizens, permanent residents and temporary…show more content…
Most of all the U.S. citizens need a more privately owned insurance to cover the cost of medical care services. Group health insurance purchased by employers were introduced originally during World War II, when wages froze it caused employers to offer benefits such as a way to compete for workers. Nearly every amend since the early 1970s has desired to grow this concept of things. There are now currently more than 1200 privately owned insurance companies in America. Public insurance is provided for the poor that can’t afford good healthcare (Medicaid) and for those over age sixty-five (Medicare). The Medicare system administers medical coverage for those who are at the age 65 and older. In addition, younger people with disabling illnesses or injuries are suitable for Medicare coverage. Those who are under age 65, but do not have health insurance are too poor to afford it and are eligible for medical coverage through Medicaid. Medicare is financed by federal income taxes, while Medicaid is funded by a blend of state and federal taxes. Medical insurance for those who can't seem to get it anywhere else is actually paid for by the more prosperous citizens, basically the rich and well paid citizens. It is paid not directly, but through work and taxes that they pay

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