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Health is my Right, Health System Health care system is the organization of people, institutions and it resources to meet and deliver the health care needs of the targeted population (Welcome, M. O. (2011). Health care is delivered differently in every country and every individual wish for a better quality of care and health care system in their country. We always want to be in that position where we can make our own health care decisions without someone telling us what to do. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the health system of two countries such as Cuba and Nigeria by comparing their health care system, the system building block, goals or outcome and how the system impact individual’s right to healthcare. Nigeria uses a healthcare system known as the pluralistic system where there is the involvement of both the public and the private sector (Skolnik, Richard L (2016). The federal government takes charge of mostly university Teaching Hospital and Federal Medical Center while the State and Local Government is responsible for Dispensaries or Primary health care regulated by federal government. The private sectors in the country are largely involved in delivering health care services as well. Looking into the healthcare system building block, Nigeria healthcare system is poorly build with no developed, adequate and functional health system to achieve success in their healthcare system in this modern era (Welcome, M. O. (2011). The country is underserved when it comes

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