Health Care System In The United States

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102 – 31 – 653 The Health Care System In the U.S and Nigeria For this paper, I will compare the healthcare policies of The United States of America to Nigeria. The purpose of this paper is to analyze each country’s healthcare policy, determine the effectiveness, and to give a personal critic of which of the two health care policies I consider to be the most effective.
Most political enthusiasts would consider the health care system a very important division, as countries would require a highly functioning health care system in order to operate. The most valued needs required to survive tend to be the most expensive to acquire, and with no doubt maintaining good health falls under that category. The good news is that some countries such
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Just like any second division of any organization, the state ministries of health report solely to the federal ministry of health. The basic function of the SMOH is to regulate and provide technical support towards primary health care services; in order words, each state ministry reports directly to the FMOH and operates only within a particular region. One particular disadvantage with this is that, as a developing country, Nigeria has many zones and regions that are still underdeveloped yet occupied by a lot of communities; the dispersion of such communities makes it quite difficult for a lot of people to acquire access to medical support. The nation’s health care system is quite traditionalized; this is because as a developing country, there are still multiple regions in which general health care cannot be provided. Even though the Federal Ministry of Health fails at providing national healthcare coverage in the country, the system still offer a range of free services, especially if it is available in your…show more content…
It should come as no surprise as the United States is one of the most developed countries in the world. A lot of things are put into consideration when discussing the healthcare system in the United States. Things such as the Economy, the population, the effectiveness and the available resources all come together to factorize the healthcare system. Health care in the United States defers from a lot of other developed nations; in this case, the United States disproportionately consumes more healthcare than Nigeria. The healthcare system in the United States is solely market based, in the sense that medical insurance is a general necessity in order to most medical treatments. According to the Center for American Progress, over 50 million people in America do no have health insurance, and of those who are insured, at least 25 million are underinsured (CAP, 2009). This shows that even though the system is adequate, there are limitations to how accessible it is. However, it is surprising that the Unites States has passable outcomes for the fragmented system that it has. The United States health care system is actually not a system but rather a pluralistic organization of payers. Publicly funded health care delivery services include Medicaid and Medicare, which provide coverage for low-income citizens and the elderly. Other services are delivered through the private sector, such as
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