Health Care System in Germany

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Healthcare finance assignment Introduction The German health care system [pic] The German health care system has the reputation of being one of the best in the world. There is an extensive network of hospitals and doctors covering even the remotest areas of Germany. Waiting lists for treatments are rare. Medical facilities are equipped with the latest technology and the statutory health insurance scheme provides nearly full cover for most medical treatments and medicines. Almost everybody in Germany has access to this system, irrespective of income or social status. The downside is that medical costs are high. Health care costs - for doctors, hospital stays and even medicines - are among the most expensive in the world. There is no such…show more content…
When is state health insurance mandatory? As of 2007, state health insurance was compulsory for the following groups: • Employees whose regular income before deductions does exceeds €400 per month and remains below a set annual limit. In 2006, the general annual gross income limit for mandatory state insurance was €47.250. • Students at state and state-approved universities. • People on work experience (internships) or in secondary education • Old-age pensioners who have been in a statutory health insurance scheme or insured as a family member for most of the latter half of their working life. • Unemployed people receiving benefits from Federal Employment Services (with some exceptions) You can within a period of three months join a state health insurance scheme voluntarily if you: • Have been a compulsory member, your membership is terminated and you have certain qualifying insurance periods • Are an employee and your income in your first job exceeds the limit, as long as you apply for membership within three months of starting work • Are severely disabled (subject to certain other requirements) • Have been insured through a family member for a specific minimum period and this insurance has expired Students from countries with which Germany has concluded a social security agreement which includes an insurance clause can continue to be covered by their home
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