Health Care Systems Are Different In Every Country Around

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Health care systems are different in every country around the world. There are four main components that complete a health care delivery system, described by Shi and Singh (2015) as the quad-function model, which includes insurance, financing, payment and delivery of care (p. 5). Along with the components of the quad-function model it is important to analyze a countries access to care, their health outcomes and how public health is integrated into the health care delivery system. The United States has a unique health care system that is like no other country. Great Britian, in contrast, also has a unique system that is very different than the United States. In the United States, health care is perceived as more of a privilege than a…show more content…
Findings from Squires and Blumenthal (2016) showed that only 8.9 percent of Americans are now uninsured, and since the Affordable Care Act went into effect in 2010 there are 20 million more Americans who now have health insurance and access to affordable care. In contrast to the United States, Great Britain has a health care system that is focused on the delivery of health care as a human right. Because of this model health insurance is universal for all citizens allowing everyone to have access to care. According to Sick Around the World produced by Jon Palfreman (2008), Great Britain runs a system that allows their people to never receive medical bills. Instead, Great Britain has implemented a national health system where the government runs and regulates the delivery of health care (Shi & Singh, 2013, p. 20). They have universal coverage where all citizens have access to health care under the national health system (Thorlby & Arora, 2016, p. 49). People living in Great Britain can also choose to pay for their own private insurance but only a small number of people select to do so. In the United States, access to health care is largely determined by who has financing to receive insurance (Shi & Singh, 2013, p. 197) Financing for health care comes from many different entities. For most Americans who have health insurance through their employment, the employers pay a part of the insurance premium and employees pay the rest (Shi & Singh, 2013, p.
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