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Future Trends in Health Care Future Trends in Health Care Twenty years ago no one in the health care industry could have dreamed of the advancements we are experiencing today. The technology has advanced treatments, equipment, and delivery of care. Information is key to successful problem-solving and health service delivery (Hovenga & Heard, 2010). Combining and progressing in the information technology field has and will continue to advance care. Change and potential progress in health care are influenced by many factors, one important factor today is progress in information and communication technologies (ICT), leading to new pervasive or ubiquitous ICT, providing new opportunities to support or even enable new types of health…show more content…
2). As all these electronic avenues of care are developed and refined, the ease of access progresses. The delivery of care is being greatly impacted by the access to patient's records and providers' access to care. According to Jarousse (2010, there are possibilities of Monitoring devices—embedded in walls, cars, pills or the individual herself—will track vital signs, prescription use, falls and, in certain cases, whereabouts so when medical intervention is needed the problem is immediately identified and the response is swift (p. 2). This type of monitoring can be beneficial but could also be seen as a mark against privacy. The progressions that seem to have left a large footprint on the health care industry to date are electronic medical records, electronic communications, and telemedicine. Seeing where the handling of medical records has come from and is going is amazing and the accessibility is extremely helpful for the delivery of care and over the next five years, I feel this accessibility will be even more defined and advanced through personal devices. The second advancement is the use of e-mail and over Internet communications between patient and provider. This is efficient and very effective in current culture. Being able to communicate and get interaction with providers allows patients to get quicker instruction and providers can stay up

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