Health Care Trends and Perceptions Regarding the Insurance System

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Health Care Determine what correlations can be made regarding the increase in population and the public perception of the health insurance system. Be sure to present your thoughts in a credible manner that is non-offensive yet factual. The population has been steadily increasing in the United States since its founding. For a long period the US led the industrialized world in its fertility rate however, though this rate has slowed in recent generations with Americans having few babies per household, immigration into the US has become one of the main drivers of the expanding population (Wang, 2013). Furthermore, the population is also steadily aging and therefore often requires more in terms of health care services. All of these factors contribute to a trend in which health care accessibility is becoming more and more limited in all types of coverage's. For example, those who have private health insurance may be faced with higher out-of-pocket costs and limited services to attempt to control costs while those without private insurance could be potentially excluded from service all together. One study found that in 2007 nearly two-thirds of all bankruptcies were related to medical expenses; a trend that has been rapidly increasing since the turn of the century (McCarthy, 2009). It is reasonable to believe that such trends correlate to a negative perception of the health insurance system. Consider the health trends in the U.S. over the last two decades and make some
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