Health Care Utilization Paper

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Health Care Utilization Paper In recent years, health care has been a huge topic in public debates, legislations, and even in deciding who will become the next president. There have been many acts, legislations, and debates on what the country has to do in regards to health care. According to University of Phoenix Read Me First HCS/235 (n.d.), “How health care is financed influences access to health care, how health care is delivered, the quality of health care provided, and its cost”. Recent health care reforms have already showed action in the health care industry, but there are a set of rules that will take effect January 1, 2014. The Affordable Care Act delivers better health security by providing a comprehensive health insurance…show more content…
This is a big deal as most children under this age are full time students and part time workers. Most students are not offered health insurance because they either do not work or work part time. The new act is great as it allows students that are still living with their parents to stay on their health insurance plan. Another major change and benefit under the Affordable Care Act is low cost or free preventative care. According to "" (n.d.), “depending on your age, you may have access, at no cost, to preventative services such as blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol tests, cancer screenings, counseling, and vaccines”. There are many people who do not have health insurance because they work part time, are independent workers, do not have a job, or cannot afford it. The Affordable Care Act is allowing these people to take care of their health. Because of the Affordable Care Act, the elderly and the poor will be able to receive more help and afford their health care costs. The changes taking effect on the health care system can be greatly utilized by Americans, whether it is in a good or bad way. Today, most Americans do not have health insurance because they cannot afford it. With the Affordable Care Act, these Americans will be able to receive health care benefits. President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in March 2010. It was created to increase access to insurance coverage, whether through a private
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