Health Care Utilization Paper: Option B

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Health Care Utilization Paper: Option B The number of health care services people use determines health care utilization. John Q is facing a situation that is far too common these days. He is in need of health care services; however, factors beyond his control are preventing him from getting the help he needs. There are many factors that can affect health care utilization, including demographics, social structure, and insurance status. Barsukiewicz, Raffel, and Raffel state that these factors are either mutable and can be changed or immutable and therefore cannot be changed (2010). For instance, age, gender, and ethnicity are immutable factors, whereas income, insurance status, and transportation are mutable factors. Both…show more content…
These factors may influence quality of care, mortality, and morbidity (Barsukiewicz et al., 2010). Social structure, such as education, job, and location along with insurance status also influence health care utilization. These factors almost always have an impact on each other. An individual with an education is more likely to get a good job, and therefore have insurance benefits. Availability of health care services correlates with location. Those who live in certain areas are more likely to have health care services readily available. On the other hand, there are areas with plenty of well educated individuals who have good jobs and insurance benefits, but because of their location access to health care services is limited. Changes in insurance have also impacted health care utilization. Cuts in payments combined with an increase in paperwork have been met with unwillingness by health care providers to participate with government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. Unfortunately, this also affects health care utilization for those who are poor or living with disabilities (Barsukiewicz et al., 2010). Demographics such as age, gender, and ethnicity are considered immutable or predisposing factors. They cannot be changed. Unfortunately, age and gender are also considered the primary risk factors for health. A personal element, such as insurance status can be changed; therefore it is a mutable factor. Income
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