Health Care Utilization Paper

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September 28, 2014
Paul Dereadt

With the vast adjustment in health care which came into Law on March 23, 2012, the avenues of health care were expanded. Health Care Reform gave access to affordable Health Insurance and Health Care to the citizens and legal residents with low to middle income. For those who were already insured, the plan included measures to enhance affordability and stability. Whereas, in prior years leading to Health Care Reform millions of Americans could not afford health insurance, most people depended on their employers. Others low income individuals, families and the elderly depended on the Federal Government funded program for health insurance through Medicaid and
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However, in Europe and Japan, to name a few countries, Health Care is Universal. According to Austin & Wetle, “Universal Health Care or Single-Payer Health Care is subsidized by the government. This system provides 100% of the population with basic and affordable health coverage; America’s Health System currently supplies 82% of its population. (2012). By giving access to all, diseases and infections can be prohibited from spreading, as well as physicians can focus on treating patients as oppose to being distracted by the bureaucracy of filling claims for different Health Insurance companies instead of one main Health Care Provider. Statistical reports indicate that the cost of care per person is $1, 927.00 in Japan and $2,983.00 in Germany as compared to the United States which cost $8,000 per person. Infant mortality is significantly higher for the United States as well, at 6.1% as compared to Japan’s 2.79% and France 3.31% (Austin & Wetle, 2012). Significantly, Mexico offers Universal, Private and Public health insurance to its citizens; and Canada offer both Universal and Private health services to its citizens. In Mexico, private insurance is geared towards only 3% of the affluent population and for foreigners who utilize the lower cost of medical tourism services that is available there. While the option for those who qualify for either public or Universal
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