Health Care Vs. Healthcare System

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Life is precious and unique to each existing individual in the whole universe. Body system requires functioning well in order to be active to perform daily living activities. Unfortunately, there are many health related issues and diseases that have been serious challenges to human kind. Diseases such as cancer, HIV, chronic illnesses, unpredicted accidents, and many others have been unavoidable situation for some people. Each ethnicity groups also are genetically tied to a certain type of illnesses. Poverty and lack of education play a major role in these health issues. Inability to secure a good health insurance has led to death of many people and left others in deteriorating situation. Health insurance has been assisting avenue for many people; however, many are still left with no insurance. This essay compares health care system in United State and healthcare system in Nigeria. Americans have healthcare system that ensures that most people in United State are covered by good healthcare insurance. According to LaTour, “In 1965, passage of a number of amendments to the Social Security Act brought Medicare and Medicaid into existence” (15). Medicare XVIII and Medicaid XIX of Social Security Act were federal program enacted into law respectively in 1966. Medicare facilitated the burden of healthcare bill for people of 65 years old and older who are covered by the Social Security Act, and people that are not covered, but are interested in paying a premium for
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