Health Care Workflow

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Workflow is the sequenced set of tasks that are necessary to complete a task. Part of any facilities mission is to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare. Being efficient reduces waste, reduces cost, and gives a clear picture of what the productivity should be. Having effectiveness is the process gives more control and accountability of what is being done while helping make decisions on what should be changed. It also increases revenue and compliance while reducing errors. When a patient is released from the facility, the physicians create discharge instructions and it is left at the nurse’s station along with any information of the patient during this visit. If this is done one paper, it is picked up by a HIM clerk. All of the papers are organized in a specific order to complete the chart assembly process. All forms and instructions are scanned into the imaging system. If the instructions are entered into the system by the physicians and nurses the record is reviewed for completeness and accuracy. HIM team members will also review the system to make sure they are not…show more content…
Statistical reports can also be created for the hospital at this point. Other reports can be run to make sure the facility is stating in compliance with state and federal guidelines. Daily census, facility monthly statistics and licensure reports can also be run to help with compliance. Readmission rates can be monitored to see if there is a specific part of the hospital that needs improving. The Health Information Department has many functions and policies to follow. The main function of the team is to maintain protection of the information to prevent loss, destruction, and unauthorized use of PHI. Workflow can help the department reduce the amount of rework due to errors, prevent duplications, find the source of delays and eliminate unnecessary steps
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