Health Care and Communication Essay

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It is important that peers communicate effectively with one another in the health care environment. Parvis (2001) discusses the importance of effective communication practices that promote peer-to-peer collaboration among colleagues, and advocates open sharing of thoughts, ideas. The willingness to actively participate in events that encourage open discussions is equally important. The definition of public speaking (as cited in the American Heritage College Dictionary) is “the expression of oneself..,” or “the state of being connected, one with another.” Public speech should be detailed, organized, anticipated, and spoken loudly for the receiver to get the point. More importantly, both group and mass communication falls in the …show more content…
(As cited by Atkins, R., associate professor of business admin. At the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business) effective communicators are skilled in the “art of connecting and getting in touch with others. More importantly, to establish a connection health care providers should understand what the message the receiver is willing (and not willing) to accept. Effective communicators do not have to be experts in their respective field, however, they need to know and understand their audience well. Conflict rises from communication barriers that are both not recognized or addressed. Addressing conflict among employees can be a difficult task, especially if that conflict arises from petty differences. Managers and supervisors need to remain objective through the deliberation process, and not view the conflict as an automatic negative, since good things could potentially come of it. Conflict resolution strategy involves giving each involved party a chance to tell the other without any interruptions what they consider the problem to be (as cited by Maddock). This important step allows all involved parties to openly lay on the table their perceived grievances. Furthermore, mediation, which is the next step, could begin where shared incentives for project completion can be offered as an incentive to all involved parties. Marshall and Robson (2005) cite that unresolved conflict in the health care field is pervasive. Conflict is a normal

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