Essay about Health Care and Correct Medication

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P1- describe the routes of administration of medication commonly prescribed to individuals
Types of medication:-
Antibiotics:- antibiotics are medication which destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria, they are used to treat infections which are caused by bacteria. Most of the time the body’s immune system can fight off bacteria but in cases in which the body cannot antibiotics are used to destroy them. Antibiotics are either given orally, applied to the skin in ointment form or injected, this all depends on the type of infection the body is currently trying to fight off, for example skin infections are treated with ointment, oral antibiotics are used to fight of moderate infections and injective antibiotics are most commonly used in
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P2 – describe common side effects of different types of medication
Headaches:- headaches maybe a side effect of taking medication such as pain killers for a long period of time, this is because you body becomes used to the painkillers and when medication is stopped there is a rebound or withdrawal effect.
Rashes:- Rashes can be a side effect of taking medication if you have an allergy to the drug. This is because the body builds up antibodies that instantly release chemicals into the body which cause red itchy rashes.
Weight gain:- weight gain is most commonly caused when taking birth control drugs, this is caused by water retention and also the amount of hormone estrogens is in the drug which can cause and increased appetite.
P3- explain relevant sections of key legislation associated guidelines with regard to the administration of medicines
M1 – discuss organisational policies and procedures are by influenced legislation and guidelines with regard to the administration of medication
D1 – evaluate the effect of legislation and guidelines on the administration of medicines
The Medicines Act 1968:- The Medicines Act controls the manufacture and supply of medicines for human and veterinary use. The act defines three categories of the supply of drugs; Prescription only medicines, Pharmacy Medicine, and General sales list medicines the act controls

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