Health Care and New Reform Act

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Ever since Obamacare was introduced back in March 23, of 2010, it has been one of the most controversial health plans debated by all government parties. The rich hate it and the poor love it. Is Obama care good or bad for the people and the economy? I believe it will be a stepping stone in the right direction for the economy and the people and protecting their rights. Elections are just a month and a half away and Obamacare is still a highly heated debate. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), or what everyone has dubbed as Obamacare is a law that passed on June 28, 2012 to help reform healthcare. The law was introduced to provide affordable medical healthcare for everyone. The reform act doesn’t take away the State’s…show more content…
Basically the new reform act is aimed at the wealthy and helping the middle class, and to help stimulate the economy and lower the national debt. The new law was set forth to protect your rights, but take away your right to not having medical coverage. The new reform act was set forth to have affordable medical coverage for everyone. The rich don’t like the new tax hikes, but .09% is a minuscule penalty for everyone to have insurance. They will probably save that much from premiums dropping in the next few years. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies will take the worst blow, but they should have seen it coming from the anguish directed towards them from raising premiums to make a hefty profit. The poor will have quality healthcare at an affordable price and receive rebates to help pay for it if unable to. References: United States. Congress, Sept 25, 2012, Read the Law, The Health Care Law & You. Retrieved on Sept 24, 2012 from and for the full
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