Essay about Health Care and Nursing Home

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Title: -‘A Report Submitted to the Continuing Care Committee within NHS Blackburn with Darwen Teaching Care Trust Plus’.

A Report Submitted to

The Open University


1. Introduction 2

2. Perspective on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

and Stroke 3

2.1 Professional perspective 4
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And so forthlist of key professionals here and also compose an interesting paragraph about why the professional perspective is important in the case of Earl. Do refer to K217 module materials – especially the Offprints book which contains good material about the hazards and risks faced by health workers and the conflict that can arise when challenging situations occur; including ethical issues. Be specific about the strengths and weaknesses of the professional perspective. In all use about 300 words. It is vital to include in-text references to some external sources too.

The outcome professional workers in health and social care sector are G.Ps, nurse, personal assistant, manger and social worker. Come to think of it we all are health and social care users, as we all except the same think which is to get treated equally, professionally that is only possible on a service user’s condition. However the study elaborates that the staff in the nursing home failed in showing their skills and communication to meet the changing nature of Earls’ needs. A need of adequate professional training is required by the staff (nurses and health care workers) of the nursing home. The workers should be aware of monitoring the situation and also avoiding the situation in order to make them able to fall under crises.

To get a professional view of a professional worker I did few Telephone Interviews [Telephone Conversation] (personal communication, 4 June
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