Health Care for All in South Africa Essay example

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Topic: Health Care for All
1.1 Constraints to the expansion of Economy and Business.
The ANC-led government introduced various systems to improve access to health care for all South African citizens. As a result of this system, pregnant women and children under the age of six are able to access free health care and every South African citizen is able to access free primary care. Senior citizens who qualify for social grant are also receiving secondary health care services free of charge.
Currently, the public funded hospitals in South Africa serve approximately 80% of the population because of charging small fees for treatment and this deprives many low income earners from accessing quality health care services. The health care systems that do not have chances of generating standard income from clients result in the pressure of providing low health care services.
Moreover, the current system of free health care for all has challenges in that in many instances rural health care has been comprised as there is lack of infrastructure such as roads, electricity and water supply. Poor roads or prohibited cost of public transport from people’s homes make it difficult for poor households to access health care facilities such as clinics and hospitals due to large distances. On estimate, people from very remote areas travel long distances to reach the health care center. Consequently, it becomes costly for the remote villagers to reach health care centers.
1.2 Suggested Policy…