Health Care in America is a Problem Essay

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41 million Americans did not have health insurance in 2001. In 2004, the number rose to 45 million. And in 2005, 47 million people were living without health care. On the other hand, 84% of Americans had health care in 2005 according to a census. So what is wrong with America's health care?
Many people with terminal illnesses rely on their health insurance to help with paying for the many surgeries and treatments, but some insurance companies refuse to pay for the medical bills because the treatments weren't covered in the contract the customer signed. Well, that's what they claim. If clients started costing the insurance company too much, they decide that the client did not need to stay in the hospital anymore and they stop paying for
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Also, everyone would be equal, no one would have better health care. This would help people and it would pretty much be a peacemaker. But since everyone has health care, people would go to the doctor for reasons that aren?t as important as others. This would also mean the wait for check-ups, surgeries, and visits at the hospital would be extremely long. ?Health tourists? fly to countries such as India, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, Malaysia, Poland and Spain to have surgeries performed without a wait. Doctors estimate that by the end of the decade, patients in Britain would be flying to places as far as South Africa and South America to have surgeries performed. People seem to be willing to pay extra money to be cured. Many patients in America say they would have died waiting to have their surgery. People like Donald Hilgendorf tell those wishing for universal health care to be careful. His doctor told him he should have a very serious and life-threatening surgery. He thought about what he should do and decided to get a second opinion and asked another clinic. They said he shouldn't do the surgery. He later found out that someone went ahead with the surgery and they died within months. So if there was universal health care in the country, no one would be able to get a second opinion. And thanks to a second opinion, a man lived. Presidential candidates have different views and ideas to help with this issue. Rudy Giuliani, a republican, says he will

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