Health Case Study America

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Lisa is 5’4’’ tall and weighs 140 pounds. She has not been hospitalized recently and she does not have any chronic medical conditions. She explains that she does not have any health conditions that keep her from participating in activities that she does enjoy. She explains that she does not practice preventative health measures. Lisa does not have a regular physician. Lisa rated her health as a 7.2 because she believes she eats healthy. However, she is concerned because she has not been to the doctor since her twins were born eight years ago. Lisa’s health history is “excellent” because she has not had any issues since the last time she went to the doctor which was eight years ago. She states that she does not get sick easily. She explains that medical bills are very expensive and she does not believe it is necessarily important. Lisa explains that…show more content…
Lisa explains that she has two “really good “friends that she can rely on back home. She has said it is difficult to make friends in America and she wishes she could find a group of friends. In Guatemala, Lisa had a part time cleaning job, and stated that she socialized a lot with her co-workers. She says that she feels “alone” because she does not have any friends in America. Lisa explains that she would call her husband in a case of an emergency.
Religion and Spirituality
She was raised as a catholic and attend a Roman Catholic Church back home. She states that her faith in very important to her because she prays every night and tries to read her Bible daily. She believes her faith gives her a purpose and mean in life. She explains that she is a spiritual person and understands clear ideas of what is right and wrong. She believes that she will go to heaven when she dies if she does “good deeds”. She has tried a few churches in America, but has not “felt connected”. She is hoping to find a church to go to in the future and also understand her faith more and feel “closer to God”.
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