Health Center At Texas State University

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Introduction This is a report of an Interview with Karen Gordon-Sosby, associate director at Texas State Student Health Center. Karen is a highly motivated professional, an experienced healthcare administrator and appears to possess inherent management and leadership skills that are quite significant and noteworthy. Her expertise in performing the indispensable task in managing and analyzing financial records, brings a unique blend of health administration and public health prowess to the healthcare industry. Source statement Responses to the interview questions were obtained through personal communication with Karen Gordon-Sosby on 17th September, 2015 in her office at the Student Health Center. Demographics Name of the interviewee:…show more content…
Not merely the administrator, every member of the team must possess sound interpersonal skills and business savvy required to manage the organization prudently. Apart from relationship management, leadership, professionalism, human-resource management, and business expertise are few other key competencies that are required for a leader aspiring to advance in the field of healthcare. (Karen Gordon-Sosby, personal communication, September 17, 2015) Leadership style Competitive and challenging business environment is in every field, and the health care industry is no exception. An administrator requires to adapt to a specific leadership style to meet the demands of the situation and face the challenges of the organization. As a leader, one must focus on the needs of employees, before on pondering his or her own needs. Servant leadership is a style recommended to emerge eminent leaders where it expects to serve the people around by listening to their needs intently, help them in providing proper knowledge, support, and resources required to carry out the necessary goals. Karen adds that an effective leader approaches things Interview report 4 from a positive angle and tries being helpful in every possible way. Servant leadership is an effectual way to motivate the employees. Its unique emphasis on concern for
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