Health Challenges Of The United States

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Health Challenges The Somalis are one of the largest groups of new refugees to arrive in the United States in the last two decades. Most Somali refugees resettling in the United States have arrived from refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. A substantial number of Somali refugees have witnessed refugee camps. Families who were admitted to the US as a refugee could file refugee/asylee relative petition and could bring their spouses or their children. However, the U.S. accepts large numbers of Somalis. Most of those refugees live in Minnesota and many other cities. Before they arrive in the U.S, medical practitioners at the refugee camps make sure that none of those refugees carries any transmittable diseases. When the newcomers are…show more content…
Accordingly, the Islamic religion shapes various aspects of Somali culture. When it comes to the definition what health or illness means, doctors and their immigrant patients do not see things the same way. To understand the Somali philosophy of health and illness, it is crucial to look at Somalis’ culture and religious practices that influence people’s daily lives. Most newcomers define health and illness as two conditions that are beyond their control. For example, the new immigrants cling to the general concept that human beings were created for a test, and part of their test is to be tested by God with the ailment and suffering. Illness is regarded as a test of how strongly a person in God. That is why most Somalis feel they are predestined to get good health and bad health before they were even born. When it comes to taking preventative method, patients’ access and response to health care services could be less. Somali communities often categorize pain into two sections: body and soul. Most patients seek medication and emergency when they suffer physical pain. Disease that afflicts with one’s soul is hardly ever discussed. The society feels shameful and stigma to ask for help when one of their family members has a mental illness. Barriers to Better Health Deeply entrenched cultural and religious traditions often hamper new arrivals to seek both
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