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Session #3: Health City Cayman Islands
1. Health City Cayman Islands (9‐714‐510)
2. Narayana Hrudayalaya Heart Hospital Video
3. Expansion at Narayana Hrudayalaya Video

Narayana emerged initially as the world’s largest focused‐factory, lowest‐cost, and high quality cardiac care facility, initiated in Bangalore. It then subsequently morphed into a large Health City, and then spread geographically across India, and via diagnosis‐by‐telemedicine all over the world. Now, it has opened a state‐of‐the‐art facility in the Cayman Islands, to serve the Caribbean, and within striking distance of large numbers of US under‐insured, but just outside US regulatory waters.


1. The Coronary Graft Bypass Graft
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The case gives an overview of NH operations in Bangalore, India. Why is the original NH model relevant and successful in India?
The NH Model is relevant and successful in India because it meets a number of important criteria.
It uses inexpensive premises (minimalistic) but maintains high standards of outcomes.
It specializes in high volume low cost procedures and as the model matures greater efficiencies are drawn from the learning.
Medical Efficiencies are comparable to the west using the best equipment.
People are employed at better rates then others hospitals in India however they tend to work longer hours and can do multiple tasks. Junior staff performs routine task and those under training resulting is better quality of care.
People are poor and not all can afford the fees for care or have insurance.
The model can be replicated in other cities.
Insurance claims for negligence are very limited
India Governmental hospitals have a poor reputation for quality of care and post operation infections.

3. HCCI expects patients from the Caribbean Islands, the US and South America. To what extent, if at all, should HCCI consider adapting the NH model developed in India? How does the adaptation decision relate to the CABG pricing and the target
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