Health Claims Research Paper

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As you walk into your local grocery store you see tons of food products with health claims. A health claim is a statement about a food product and what it does for your health as part of a healthy diet. Health claims, mentions the physiological function like: “Calcium can build strong bones and teeth”. There are nutrition claims, ones that say: “Source of fiber, no added sugar, reduced in calories”. And lastly, disease risk factor of reduction claims. For example: “Diets high in calcium may reduce risk of osteoporosis” (Nutrition Content Claims and Health Claims.) But the real question: Is the food actually as healthy as the label claims to be?
Whenever I walk into Phil’s to find something to eat that is “healthy”, my eyes are drawn to the colorful Naked juice’s and smoothies. Not only that, but when I read 100% juice, no preservatives, no sugar added, and look at ingredients that says it contains only fruit and vegetables I atomically think yes this is healthy for me. With flavors like Mighty Mango, Green Machine, Protein Zone, Kale Blazer, Pineapple Coconut Water and words like “green”, “power”, and “boosted”, why wouldn’t you think healthy?
My favorite flavor, Green Machine, contains 2 ¾ apples, ½
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Even though the juice was labeled “All Natural”, Naked juice contained synthetic ingredients and synthetic fibers such as: fructooligosacchrides (a synthetic fiber and sweetener), fibersol-2 (synthetic digestion-resistant fiber), and inulin (artificial and invisible fiber). Naked Juice was also labeling its products as “Non-GMO”, but it used genetically-modified ingredients like genetically modified soy (Barton). Therefore, that is why we need to take advice from author Michael Pollan. In the book “In Defense of Food”, Pollan suggests that you should avoid food products that make health claims or look further into the ingredients and nutrition
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