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Health Psychology Committee Report The health psychologist working in the hospital today should have a broad spectrum in which they can treat many different illnesses that will be present in the future as the population grows, and the life expectancy rises. Because the field of health psychology is new, the profession is still in its early stage. They provide a variety of emotional and social changes in the life of a patient who is ill or disabled. They can help in the area of depression, and pain management and anything that can have a positive impact on the patient that is dealing with a major illnesses (Sarafino,2006). In addition, in order to apply psychology to hospitals we would need to create new titles for the needs of the…show more content…
Many patients will realize that there is no need to be alone. They will seek out and find long term meaning and purpose for their life through religion and beliefs (Sarafino, 2006). The adult psychologist will diagnose and treat stress disorder and also aid in stress relief interventions. Many individual experience stress on a daily basis, we are stressed at home, work, school and dealing with a family members in crises .Many of us do not realize what stress is many people cope with it by ignoring it or find other ways to distract from the cause. Stress has been known to cause many health problems from being overweight, to having a stroke, and eventually a heart attack. In order to manage stress many we need to take charge of what is causing the stress it can be caused by our emotions, our schedules, our environment, and the way in wich we solve problems. In order for the psychologist to help the patient that is suffering chronic stress they would need to find the source of the problem and treat it. For example, some people who are stressed will over indulge in everything from smoking to drinking, to violence and all the other vices in between (Smith, et al;.2010). For the adult psychologist the job is to find ways to treat the patient through therapy before they are brought into the hospital, or after they have been brought in because they have had a stroke, or a heart attack. Some of the ways for treating stress would be to exercise, change diet, stop
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