Health Communication And The Decision Making Process Of Individuals

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“Health communication has much to celebrate and contribute. The field is gaining recognition in part because of its emphasis on combining theory and practice in understanding communication processes and changing human behaviors” (Parrott R. , 2004). Health communication informs the consumer about health concerns and health issues. Healthcare communication and public relations works together to help create interactions to change the consumer’s attitude. Healthcare knowledge is becoming an important part in the decision making process of individuals. Communication is somewhat a simple idea when it comes to healthcare. Why? Everyone is in need of some type of medical assistance at some point. Communication helps us as humans to reflect as members of society. Having said that, communication is made up of words that are spoken or written used to convey an idea. In healthcare the words chosen to be used has a significant impact and influence on how well the message is understood by the consumer or patient. It can be an exchange of shared meaning. One obstacle in healthcare communication is the use of medical jargon. Medical jargon is the use of medical specialized words normally spoken by physician to clinician staff in the presences of the consumer or patient. This language is difficult to understand and can be easily misunderstood. So the use of medical jargon is not effective communication to everyone. The communicator must use words that adequately communicate

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