Health Communication Strategies And Health Information Technology Essay

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Introduction Health communication strategies and health information technology can be used to better population health outcomes, the quality of health care and to facilitate health equity. Health communication and health information technology are essential factors influencing health care, population health and how the society understands the medical care (In Nelson & In Staggers, 2013). These aspects determine how people use health information and hence, they have a significant impact on the decisions made by individuals pertaining health care. Initiatives such as the Healthy people 2020 has recognized this opportunity being presented by health communication strategies and health information technology, to the extent that it has made this among its major objectives. That is improving health care quality and attaining health equity using health information technology and health communication strategies. For long people have raised concerns about health equity and health quality in the health sector. This paper is there relevant to important stakeholders in the health sectors and scholars in the field of medical care. Health communication strategies and health information technology serves a significant role in impacting health care positively. Here are the various ways the health communication strategies and information technology are being used to benefit transform health care quality and health equity. 1. Providing support for collaborative decision making between
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