Health Complication Of A Diabetic Patient

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From Salvadorian food, to Dominican food, to Japanese food; worldwide delicious meals that are exceptionally amazing to our taste buds but abominable to our body if not consumed adequately. One must maintain a healthy diet in order to be less likely to access a health complication. Some illness/diseases are simply just genetics and unknown factors that trigger the onset of the disease. When someone is diagnosed with a certain illness/disease they must follow certain diets and have more precautions of the food and drinks they intake. Keeping an activity level in one’s life is also important to help the body control the disease or illness, this is depending what your illness or diseases is. For example, someone with Diabetes type I or II must be cautious of what they consume and it is suggested that they maintain a active lifestyle if possible to help control the blood glucose along with other benefits. Your main focus as a diabetic patient is to maintain your blood glucose level at a decent range. In order to do so, factors must be changed in a person’s diet.
What is diabetes? Diabetes is the pancreas inability to make or to use insulin. Type one diabetes is the body 's inability to produce sufficient insulin to meet bodily needs. Type two diabetes is when your body does not use insulin properly (Diabetes Health Center, n.d 2015). Type one diabetes usually begins in childhood and young adulthood between 8-12 years of age. Most cases of type one diabetes are caused by the
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