Health Concerns in Austrialia

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Political Variables: Health is one the most essential and controversial issues in Australia politics and in this case it leads to the conflict between the Commonwealth and the State government. The Primary Health Care Reform in Australia, Report to Support Australia's First National Primary Health Care Strategy 2009 report says the Australian health care system is multi-tiered and is comprised of organizations that are funded and organized by a range of different methods including Government (publicly funded) and Private Sector (privately funded). And the Commonwealth government is the major funders and therefore the National Health Reform Agreement (Council of Australian Governments, 2011) distributed the responsibility of health to the…show more content…
In relation to the socio-economic status, the extra $5 upfront hinders the utilization of GP for low incomers since the Health at a Glance 2013: OECD report (OECD, 2013) revealed the correlation between the poor health status and low socioeconomic status. However, Australia's geography and demography create further challenges. Geographically, Australia has a large country land; however, according to WHO western pacific region, most of the population is concentrated along the eastern and south-eastern coastlines while extremely less portion of population is concentrated in rural area (2014, para. 3). Brown and Warner, (1991, p. 24) say in non-metropolitan area, most of people have low economic status. And in demographical context, most of the Aboriginal and Torres islanders live in a rural Australia. Even though they account only about 2.4% of the Australian population, they experience much poorer health (Duckett,. 2007, p. 45). There is a significant gap between the rural and urban population in both health status and the health services. Any inequalities in health care utilization and unmet care need may result in deterioration of health status and further increase in inequalities. Rural areas encounter critical shortages of health resources and the lack of population size and resources result the reduced

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