Health Consciousness Among Urban Population

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Project Report On:

“Health Consciousness
Urban Population”


Our health is one of our most important asset and without health nothing else that we do would matter. Health consciousness is not just about watching out our weight but also being healthy by way of eating healthy foods and exercising to avoid illness and lead a joyful and stressful life.
This project tries to understand if people today are really health conscious, whether they realize the importance of health eating and exercising. Also the project focuses on which physical activities do people prefer the most, if people have knowledge of “a balanced diet regime”, and what is their daily routine of physical activity.
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It is therefore important that when exercising, the effort must exceed that of one’s’ normal daily activities.

Why the decrease in physical activity?
Many people are not getting enough exercise for a variety of reasons. Not everyone knows how much exercise is enough for a start, and so they may think that they've done enough because they go for a long walk a couple of times a week. Other people have a better idea of what they should be doing to keep fit, but just cannot find the time. It is particularly difficult for those who work full-time and have other commitments, such as family, which demand much of their time. Then, there are those who simply cannot be bothered to exercise. They could probably find the time if they wanted, but they don't want to, and so they don't.
In the past, it seems that people were more active than they are today. The types of jobs that people did were different, often being more physically demanding. Plus, fewer people owned cars and so they had to either walk or cycle everywhere. Exercise was something people did without necessarily having to think about it. They just got out on their bike or walked, whereas now exercise is viewed as somewhat of an inconvenience that you have to get dressed up for and take time out of your day to do. That is why so many people join a gym – because they think joining it will give them
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