Health Consequences Of Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence, as is explained on the online journal of issue in Nursing by Claire Burke Draucker, is one of the first concerned worldwide; it does not only cause damages physically but mostly mentally. Many of this damage and violence may go unreported because the victim may be scare of the abuser and not reported to the police at all. It’s classified into three different categories, Spouse Partner Abuse, Child Abuse, and elder abuse. First, spouse or partner abuse is considered: “intimate partner abuse includes abuse by current or former spouses or romantic or co- habituating partners” (Claire Burke Draucker, 2015, p 2). Health consequences related to this may include from mayor to minor injuries like bruises or factures. Some stress related consequences like headache and eating disorder. Sexual violence may result into urinary tract infections, sexual dysfunction, and pelvic pain. Also, mental effects include depression, substance abuse, and suicidality. Second, child abuse is “non-accidental physical injury that results in harm or substantial risk of harm; some statutes specify the types of acts or overt consequences that constitute to physical abuse” (Claire Burke Draucker, 2015, p 4). Laws related to child abuse differ by state. Child abuse includes emotional abuse such as verbal assaults; physical abuse include body assaults that cause a risk for any kind of damage; and sexual abuse considered any sexual act between underage person and an adult. Lastly, elder
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