Health Consequences Of Making Constant Unhealthy Food

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Can you imagine not being able to buy veggies to cook a home cooked meal? Or imagine living in a place where finding and/or gaining access to supermarkets and other places that sell ” good-quality food” would be difficult? Well, that is what occurs in many low income communities today. Many low income communities are built in what is called a “Food Desert”. Since there is a lot of difficulty obtaining food, those in these neighborhood tend to constantly eat food from chinese food spots, Mcdonald 's, Popeye 's, Burger King and etc. Yeah, maybe to the fans of these establishments and children would favor this, but this is most likely due to the fact that they do not know the health consequences of making constant unhealthy food choices. New York consists of numerous low income communities, including my own neighborhood , East Flatbush which is also considered to be a “food desert”. In my neighborhood, within a 1 mile radius, there are about 2 supermarkets. One supermarket is called “Pathmark” and the other is called “Key Food”, both are about 4-5 blocks away in opposite directions. On the walk to either supermarket, you will pass numerous amounts of pizzerias, corner stores, fast food restaurants and etc. This problem bothers me because so many people are unaware and basically forced into eating the trash that the government gives them due to how much money they make or what neighborhood they live in. Many people may not see food deserts as a problem. However, food deserts
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