Health Considerations For Health Care

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Health considerations in DDR must link health interventions to the DDR process. They must incorporate human security, analyze key health concerns, and respond to the needs of the most vulnerable groups of ex-combatants. Major health concerns in DDR, among others, are chronic communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS, violence and injury prevention, and psychosocial support for mental health and substance abuse. However, health concerns vary greatly according to the geographical area of caseload and the dynamics of the conflict. Types of interventions appropriate in DDR will be dependent on the number of combatants in the case load, their relatives, the median gender and age, specific needs, and local capacities for provision of health services. The overall goal of health interventions in DDR is to reduce avoidable illnesses and death within a caseload, through preventive and curative health care measures as well as providing basic health care that includes reproductive-health and psychosocial-care considerations.
The objective on the ground of integrating health in DDR is to reduce the percentage of avoidable illnesses and deaths in the caseload through basic healthcare and preventative epidemiological interventions. In all cases, there must be a minimum of a guaranteed basic medical screening, which should be conducted in the interim at first point of contact (disarmament and demobilization stage). Ongoing access to healthcare and voluntary counseling and treatments must also remain…

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