Health Coverage : Affordable Care Act

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Through the years people in the Unites States have struggle with issues dealing with having health coverage. In March 2014 Obama care also known as Affordable Care Act was sign into law making it possible for the lower and middle class to be able to afford health insurance. The affordable care act was in congress from 2009 to 2010.With the act been pass it made it easier for the people to qualify and get help and pay so little with no extra cost. Even thought the insurance is not free it is now affordable for people so now people have a wider range of coverage options. With the affordable care act been pass they are hoping with the affordable screening and preventive services they can be more proactive with people’s healthcare and delay…show more content…
Many of the people did not get insured and eventually die because of their health condition. Now that everyone has to have health insurance because of the affordable care act been pass insurance are mandated to cover a person with sever chronic disease or any health issue and not limit the spending on the treatment that will be done to them. Now that the affordable care act was passed more than 16 million Americans have health insurance and for the most population young adults make up the amount of insured. Before the affordable care act was passed the majority of uninsured person was under the age of 40. Also with the act been passed parents are able to add their children up to 26 years on their health insurance that was also convenient for insurances because they will be added to a premium insurance but they knew that they wouldn’t be spending much because younger people are more healthier. To some health businesses with less than 50 employees they are not required to provide health insurance to their employees but with the other health businesses that require more than 50 employees the employer was require to provide insurance to their employees. The health businesses where affected because they had to start cutting hours and also had to layed off some of them. Many jobs were lost because of the act been passed. Although the affordable care act was a major success for
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