Health Coverage Through The Private Market

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There has been a sharp increase in articles in recent years addressing ethics in healthcare with the rapid reforms and the millions added to healthcare coverage. The American Medical Association published just this month an article titled, “Ethics in Expanding Health Coverage through the private market”. (2015 #13). As this may not address specific compliance concerns, it does present an over all concern for the implications of the ACA, primarily being that this law does not guarantee coverage for all citizens and the subsequent burden placed on those who choose to purchase under its protection. The influx of funds to private markets gives them increased political power. It is the use of this power to examine and include into compliance…show more content…
Equally important is maximizing benefits in research participants with the Benefice of “do no harm”. Patients themselves are harmed if sold a plan that is not geared to their specific need and in the long run, costing valuable dollars for coverage they cannot use. Justice in research is being wary of utilizing participants because they are readily available and have difficulty refusing participation. Private companies selling supplemental Medicare policies telephone the elderly, gaining agreement to purchase while leaving the new customer confused on coverage details. Often times this practice begged the question of dubious sales tactics. The first thing to remember is how current policy in written and what reformers are demanding to change. That topic would require an additional literature review; however, when building compliance policies and training review current hot topics as to predict where reform is headed and to address promptly. A broad example of ethically based laws is presented in the compliance training for the Harris County Hospital District. (#9). Each law is listed in groups by category, although they are not covered in detail. Certainly, a supplemental section would be useful integrate examples of these laws as they apply to daily job functions. It is important to realize how integral this integration to a fast paced, high stress position in healthcare, especially clinical. Surprisingly, Garner Health Law Firm (#11)
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