Health Determinants

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TITLE By student’s Name Course Code + Name Professor’s Name Institution DATE Health Determinants Introduction Health plays an important factor in the everyday life. In our society, there are those who stay healthy while others always unhealthy. In the field of nursing, it is important to find out reasons as to why lack of health is a continuing problem in the society. This is the key to becoming effective in the sector. The parameters that define health are known as health determinants. These range from social, economic, personal, and environmental factors. This is an important topic as it holds the key to the professional nursing practise. Dealing with health issues is no longer an easy affair as it was earlier. In the…show more content…
In the long, a certain community become prone to certain diseases than others. For nursing to be effective, it will call for the establishment of those policies that ensure equality of participation, contribution, and opportunity (Potter and Perry, 2006). Individual Health Practices and Coping Skills Individual health practices and coping skills are those activities that people are able to employ with an aim of promoting health care, preventing diseases, solving certain problems, or developing self reliance. These factors are majorly lifestyle- related. This means that the personal health practices involve certain individual choices. It should be noted that these individual choices are mostly influenced by the social, environmental, and economic factors. In most cases, all these factors would be play within places where a person stays, grows, work, and/or learns. In today’s world, human kind is presented with a lot of choices to embrace. Some of these choices adversely affect the health condition of individuals. Research has shown that heart diseases are very much associated with the psychological and biochemical pathways linkable with socioeconomic events. An example of individual health choice is smoking. The numbers of smokers continue to increase by each year among the younger generation. In Canada, this rate has been found in certain communities like the Aboriginals. Other hazardous behaviours that adversely affect health include: unprotected or

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