Health Detriments Caused by Fast Food

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There are many different obstacles and challenges that the people of the world face globally each and every day with regards to attaining a successful future. When looking to the future, ideally, many of us desire to see things like great fitness in our population (with regards to reproduction and evolution), better health care, cures for cancers, ends to wars and political disputes and differences. Many of us are not giving enough thought and credit to the fact that to even get close to that type of a future, we need to start with the basics. We need to start to look at our food future. The food that we ingest and thrive off of from the beginnings of our lives right up until death can be looked at as the crucial building blocks to a healthy a long life. Food is what keeps us alive, nourishes our bodies and minds and helps us to lead healthy lives with our families and our societies. Because food and the nutrients that are provided to our bodies is such a key player in our survival, I think it only makes sense that we be concerned about how healthy our food is and question where it’s going to come from in the future. I believe that to reach a successful future by means of food, we should focus on the following; eliminating pesticides and chemicals from our food production, eating a simpler set diet filled with essential nutrients, learn and begin to share the wealth of larger countries with those who are less fortunate, be more aware and careful when it comes to
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