Health Disparities Among African American Living in North Dakota

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African Americans have a very long history in the United States. Many African American families have been in the United States for many generations; others recently immigrants from places like as Africa, the Caribbean, or the West Indies.
The population of African Americans taking in those of more than one race was evaluated at 44.5 million, making up 14.3 percent total of the U.S population in 2012. Those who identified only as African American made up 13.1percent of the U.S. population over 39 million people.
The largest concentrations of African American live in the South, living the North with the smallest population of African American. For instance, North Dakota has one of the smallest concentrations of African American about 1.4% as of 2012, 5.5% Native American and 92% of the population is white.

Life expectancy and overall health have improved in recent years for most Americans, have drastically improved mostly in part due to the increase focus on preventive medicine. However not all Americans are benefiting equally. Good health for many racial and ethnic minorities in the United States, good health is hard to obtain, mainly because proper care is often associated with a person's race, economic status and gender.
Despite obvious progress in the overall health of the population, African americans living in North Dakoata continue to suffer from disparities and caring the burden of illness and death.
These disparities are assumed to be the result of genetic…