Health Disparities Among African Americans

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Health is a state of well being, and ideally, in an equal society, all people should be provided with the necessary tools to maintain that state of health. Ideals are mere fantasies, however, since even the most developed countries fall victim to health inequities. These inequities are avoidable inequalities in health between different groups of people. African Americans are among many other groups of people that fall victim to a system that, sometimes inconspicuously creates barriers wherein people cannot adequately arm themselves with the tools to remain healthy. One of the most common health inequities among African Americans is the HIV/AIDs virus. This viruses significance is relatively recent in human history, but the damage it has done since its inception is catastrophic. In order to understand the HIV/AIDs virus as a disease state, exploration of the people who more often contract the disease, is vital to the understanding of its development. Combatting the health inequity of HIV among African Americans must be done in a manner that begins with the recognition of the evidence indicating this inequity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HIV diagnosis was 45 people higher among Blacks than any other group of people. Furthermore, African Americans were 47% of people who had HIV and women and children were around 60% of the population with HIV (CDC). These statistics indicate on a standalone basis that the amount of Blacks that suffer from HIV…
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