Health Disparities And Health System Barriers

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Dr Ananya Mandal a N ews­ author defines Health Disparities as “the inequalities that occur in the provision of health care and access to health care across different racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups.” This means Health disparities are essentially discrepancies in the servicing of Healthcare as well as in access to healthcare amongst people of different racial, cultural, and socioeconomic groups. Health Disparities has many underlying factors that impact it, a factor in particular is Health system barriers. Health system barriers are critical problems such as Access, Utilization, or Quality that serve to obstruct the passage towards proper Health. Health system barriers are one of the many factors that contribute to Health Disparities, health system barriers are composed of three major barriers; Access, Utilization, and Quality. These barriers all greatly impact Health Disparities and impact the path toward achieving quality health, with that in mind, the question of is one of these barriers more responsible for Health Disparities than the other? And the answer is yes, and the health system barrier that is most responsible for Health Disparities. Although many people believe that there is not one barrier that is more responsible for Health disparities, there is one barrier that is more responsible and that is on the account of the other barriers being the results of the one barrier.
1. Understanding the Three Major Barriers
Granted that there is one health
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