Health Disparities And Its Impact On Health Care

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In today 's society, we are fortunate enough to live in a very diverse and multicultural nation. Thus, one may not realize that there is a vast array of health issues that is associated with it. A variety of issues that could come with a multicultural society could include, but not limited to: health disparities, access to healthcare, getting equal and quality care, and cultural appropriation. Likewise, there are factors involved that prevents people of minority groups from gaining access to the health care they need like a language barrier or no health insurance. One of the major factors involved that prevents access to proper health care is the built environment in which one lives in. The built environment consists of settings that were designed, created, and maintained by human efforts. The environment one lives in determines what kind of toxins they are exposed, as well as access to resources such as food, parks, schools, and healthcare. Not to mention, where one lives indicates their predicted life expectancy, socioeconomic status, health disparities they are also exposed to. As such, one of the most controversial and debated issue of the built environment is the displacement of the occupying demographic of the area. This is also known as gentrification. Gentrification is any form of urban renewal that ultimately displaces the occupying demographic. It also refers to the shifts in a community lifestyle that includes an increase of wealthier residents and businesses,
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