Health Disparities And Prevention Of Child Abuse

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HEALTH DISPARITIES The differences in the incidences, prevalence, morbidity and mortality in child abuse can be seen when the caregiver becomes aggravated with their situation. Usually an individual with issues within themselves commit child abuse. Prevention of child abuse will never go away sadly approximately 896,000 American children were victims of abuse and neglect and 1,400 children died. Within the four areas, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse lies the problem. By working with the families and educate the parents the numbers can decrease. Primary prevention of child abuse will target the general population with public service announcements about the effects child abuse. Secondary prevention will be to provide services to families and individuals who have a higher risk of abuse and neglect. By reaching out to the communities with more complaints of child abuse will decrease the amount of positive claims of child abuse. Child abuse crosses over every social, economic boundary. It does not directly correlate with health disparities. The accused can come from any background of life. They can come from any race, creed, color or financial class. However to prevent misuse of the child protection service will take more convincing the public that this is a crime. As it stands now the law of false reporting has not been addressed in, the statutes reviewed ("False Reporting," 2013). Again, educating the public of the consequences of filing a false
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