Health Disparities And The Health

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Health disparities is the major differences in the health status involving different groups of people according to their age, race, cultural. Some groups of people have higher rates of certain diseases, more deaths and suffering compared to others. Health disparities are also the differences that arise in the delivery of healthcare and access to healthcare across different racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups. In spite of trying to have stable change and enhancement in the health of the United States ' population, the health of America 's racial and ethnic minorities differs from the mainstream. For example, African Americans health status of ethnic group encounters high burden of disparities due to deep and persistent history based on…show more content…
J. (2006). Advancing health disparities research within the health care system: a conceptual framework. American journal of public health, 96(12), 2113). Both social and community networks are a protective factor when it comes to a person’s health, although in some cases it maybe a risk to state the obvious, the quality rather than quantity of relationships that matters Includes access to and opportunities in relation to having good education, training employment, health, welfare services, housing, public transport and amenities. It should also comprise of services such as clean running water and sanitation, easy access to vital goods such as food, clothing and fuel. Policies at the local, state, and federal level in most cases affects individual and population health. Increasing taxes on tobacco sales, for example, can improve population health by decreasing the total number of people using tobacco products while other policies may affect the entire populations over a long period of time by trying to help change an individual behavior simultaneously. Social justice is the fairness or reasonableness of proper and fair treatment, especially when it comes to the way people are treated or how decisions are made, with its major focus and concern for human well-being, which needs a thoughtful commitment to the public’s health. To assure that right actions and decisions are taken to protect, promote, and provide for the
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