Health Disparities: Changing The Social And Economic Situation Of The Poor

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Reduce Health Disparities Government and organizations must change the social and economic situation of the poor so that health and prosperity reaches all peoples and not just a few. Market condition should not just favor the rich but training, employment, education and health access should be widened to benefit the low income people. Personal choice and responsibility play a key role in attaining and maintaining health. However, the choices people make depend on the choices they have. There is a growing body of research showing that when fresh produce markets and farmers markets with affordable food products, introduces nutritious foods and change consumption of fruits and vegetables in poor neighborhoods that have low SES (Morgan-Smith, 2007). This shows that we must think of policies and collaborative methods to create equitable systems. Community organizations, local health organizations and local government must collaborate on the issue.…show more content…
The problem is that in many places, there is a huge difference between the rich and poor in different countries when it comes to the use and availability of health insurance (Kalenscher (2014). Health insurance is dependent on many factors including affordability, family finance, and culture, religious and past experiences (Kalenscher). Availability alone does not determine whether poor people and ethnic minorities take advantage of health insurance availability. Kalenscher tells us that lack of access to health care causes for “persistence of poverty and a major factor in worsening the burden of the poor” (2014). Poor people don’t have access and have different attitudes towards health than wealthy people. An example is given by Kalenscher to illustrate how life expectancy is dependent on wealth (and accessibility to health insurance (read proper health care)
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