Health Disparities In African Americans

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If everyone in the United States is treated equal, then why are Americans facing health disparities regarding to race? Race has always been an issue in this country. When it comes to the healthcare system, not all Americans receive the same outcomes or came services as others. Most Americans due to race receives unfair healthcare treatment because they’re not getting appropriate medical attention, they’re more likely to do die based on their illness, and if they’re uninsured they can’t receive any medical attention. This argument is going to be based on Americans who face these health disparities in the U.S regarding to mental health disorders, breast cancer, and the people who are uninsured.
Firstly, African Americans don’t receive appropriate medical attention
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In the Article Socioeconomic Disparities in Breast Cancer Treatment among Older Women States, “Approximately 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 40,500 die from the disease…White women have a higher of this disease than black women. However, black women have a higher mortality than white women (White, et al. 7)”. Breast Cancer is a health disparity to black women because they’re most likely to die from it than white women due to tumor differences. Many woman not only black women die from cancer because they chose not to go through chemotherapy, but According to the article Socioeconomic Disparities in Breast Cancer Treatment Among Older Women says, “Black women with node positive and node negative tumors were 25% and 17% less likely to receive chemotherapy than white women. Black people are more likely to die not only because they don’t receive chemotherapy but because of patient and tumor characteristic, and after adjusting for socioeconomic (White, et al.1)”. Breast Cancer is a huge health disparity to black women because most of them can’t survive with this disease than white
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