Health Disparities In Germantown

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One of the most important parts of a community assessment is identifying the community’s health disparities in order to properly intervene and improve the health of the community. After conducting the windshield survey in Germantown, the top three health disparities discovered included: knowledge deficit regarding nutrition, exposure to toxic substances and physical hazards related to old housing, and lack of access to recreational space. Many houses in Germantown were built before the 1970s, which indicates that many people are exposed to lead-based paint, in particular the young children, who are more susceptible to experiencing negative health effects. Another prominent health disparity was the lack of access to recreational space. Through…show more content…
However, this can be hard to promote if a community such as Germantown experiences such health disparities that puts them at risk for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, all of which could be preventable. Therefore, as nurses we can intervene and plan ways to improve the health of Germantown in the most realistic way possible. The nursing intervention to help try and eliminate the health disparity of knowledge deficit related to nutritious foods primarily focuses on education, as it is a primary means of impacting change. Our intervention would be implemented through an educational program at multiple community locations such as school or churches. The program would consist of weekly meetings discussing the characteristics of a healthy diet, how to read food labels correctly, picking the right food choices based on the options available in the community, and informing the participants about the impacts nutrition has on health such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Each session would encompass pre-briefing followed by demonstration of healthy food recipes and then a debriefing to reiterate the importance of that session. Through education, we hope to impact more people of Germantown to use the public transportation to shop at the local farmer's market or supermarkets and have a positive change in their health. Therefore, there shall be a decreased incidence in obesity, hypertension, and diabetes and increase in the community’s knowledge about obtaining nutritional
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